Hi, I'm Mini

A UGC puppy creator based in Los Angeles, CA

Who Am I?

I'm Mini, a tiny mix Chihuahua with a big personality! I've captured hearts worldwide on TikTok with my daily adventures and playful spirit. I love exploring new things and I'm no stranger to the spotlight.

Being natural in front of the camera has made me a real dog creator. My unboxings, product reviews, and day-to-day antics help showcase all kinds of pet products authentically.

I've paw-sitively enjoyed partnering with pet brands, helping them reach more fur-friends by creating engaging user-generated content. After all, who can resist a charming Chihuahua like me? So, let's team up and make something pawsome together!

UGC Services

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As an adorable fur-model, I can light up your products with my cuteness, creating engaging photography User-Generated Content that captivates and connects with pet lovers. My camera-ready poses and irresistible charm will truly bring your brand to life in pictures that resonate with pet parents everywhere.

From charming unboxing videos to delightful product interactions, I can create captivating User-Generated video content that showcases your products in the most paw-some light, stirring hearts and driving engagement among pet enthusiasts.

Trust me to put my paw-stamp of approval on your brand, as I star in engaging and authentic content perfect for your paid media campaigns, charming your audience and driving your brand's message home in a heartwarming, memorable way.

Pup-arazzi: Mini’s Red Carpet Moments

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